Wicker 101

Loved for centuries, wicker furniture is known for its versatility and strength. Fairly inexpensive, wicker furniture can add that extra pop to a room. Today’s version of wicker shows that it is no longer the furniture you see in cute cottages or college dorms.

Remember, Wicker is not a material, but a form of weaving. Wicker is created by weaving together strips of flexible wood like rattan, willow, or cane. There are also synthetic versions of wicker available.

Natural wicker is a traditional choice. There are even natural wicker pieces that date back to the Egyptian pharaohs!

No matter your style there is a version of wicker furniture for you. There are furniture options for your bedroom, living room, sunroom, kids rooms, bathrooms and more.

Even though Wicker is lightweight, it is still strong because of the weaving process. The wicker process allows for a small amount of flexibility to maintain its shape and hold your weight. You can move wicker furniture around to change the look of your room whenever the mood strikes you.

If wicker furniture is too scratchy for you, try a custom made cushion.

There is nothing more beautiful than a piece of well-made wicker furniture. Even the man-made versions come in calming colors to blend beautifully with any room in your home.

Wicker furniture is the first “Green” furniture. Made from renewable sources like bamboo and rattan, wicker furniture does not require deforestation to make a beautiful piece of furniture.

Wicker may sometimes be combined with other materials for a different look. A bookshelf, for example, will be made with plywood shelves and wicker sides. Also, a special glue may be used to hold the pieces together.

The sun is harsh on the wicker. Imagine getting a sunburn, the same thing is true for your natural wicker. Untreated wicker is affected by the harsh rays of the sun, and the fibers will eventually break down. Be sure to treat your wicker if it is going to be exposed to the sun on a regular basis.

Mold is also not your furniture’s friend, especially in humid climates.

Wicker is easy to clean. Just hose it off and set it in the sun for a bit too dry.

You can even repaint wicker furniture will a little sanding.

The versatility of wicker furniture makes it an ideal piece for any home no matter what the style.